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Z-CARD® – The Smarter Print Concept

At Z-CARD®, we help you deliver your brand’s messages directly to your customer’s pocket in a valuable and memorable way.
Z-CARD® is the best alternative to any brochure, leaflet or insert. Let us prove it to you!



The K-Fold


The C-Fold


The Specials


Efficient Marketing

Z-CARD® Fits in Your Pocket

We believe in designing brand experiences that motivate people to buy and take action. Z-CARD® increases engagement by using a simple approach to marketing that’s incorporated within our niche design. By putting your key message into a high-quality Z-CARD®, you are ensuring that it goes straight into your customers’ pocket.

Our product helps companies gain success in any market. It’s suitable for: Brand Building, Web Traffic Increase, Events, Customer Acquisition, Product Catalogs, Map Guides, Loyalty Programs, Internal Communications, Direct Mail Marketing, Etc.

The Options Are Endless

All Z-CARD®s Are Customisable

Show off your Z-CARD® in a complimentary display or
go to the next level with one of our luxury finishes, such as embossment,
silver and gold foil, spot UV, drip off, metallics and fluorescent inks.
We even make specially shaped covers to fit the theme of
your Z-CARD®. The potential for customising a Z-CARD®
to suit your needs is almost limitless!

Z-CARD® Smart Marketing

Ensured Return on Investment

We have rigorously applied measurable tactics to all of our Z-CARD® so you can trace the success of campaigns. These have allowed us to help clients gain a ROI of 5:1 in 2019. Z-CARD® is the best alternative to any brochure, leaflet or insert. People will keep your well-designed, information packed Z-CARD® and refer to them in the future again and again.

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