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With a Z-CARD® your message reaches your target group in a unique way. A Z-CARD® is compact, easy to use and, thanks to our patent and commitment, produced in a sustainable way. We have a concept for every type of marketing mission. You choose which Z-CARD® suits best! Need help with the design? No problem! Our Design Studio is at your service.

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Special editions


What others have done:


Gifford Circus




The Solheim Cup

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Years of experience

Our team has all the expertise

Thanks to years of experience, we have all the knowledge within our team to find the right Z-CARD® for your demand. From complex campaigns and spread-out distribution to the most innovative special requests and creative designs. The possibilities of a Z-CARD® are endless and we love a challenge. The covers in the shape of your product, the use of gold foil for a luxurious look or popping fluorescent inks for extra attention; together we create the ultimate brand experience in a Z-CARD®.

Used, re−used and kept their Z-CARD®

Associated the quality of Z-CARD® with their overall brand quality

Found Z-CARD® pleasurable and meaningful to use

Smart marketing

A guaranteed high ROI

By choosing for Z-CARD®, you are choosing for ROI (Return on Investment). By using measurable techniques, such as QR codes, it is the perfect bridge between online and offline and we know that our clients achieve an average ROI of 5:1. All thanks to the power of PocketMedia® Marketing, because as much as 95% use, reuse and keep their received Z-CARD®. Want to know more about our ROI? Our team will be happy to explain it to you.