Z-CARD® Maps

Add a royalty free Z-CARD® Map to your Z-CARD® and lead the way

If needed, our Design Studio can generate and design a customised Z-CARD® Map for your Z-CARD®.
Either combine this with our Design Studio service or request a cartographic map to customise yourself.

How does it work?


Request a quote on the required Z-CARD® and select ‘Call me about the Z-CARD® Map possibilities’ in the form.


Send us a Google Maps screenshot of the area needed.


Choose one of our standard styles or ask the Design Studio to customise it to your brand style.


Points of Interest can be added based on an Excel file with addresses.


Routes can be delivered as a GPX file or drawn on the screenshot from earlier.


The map will be added to the Z-CARD® or sent across as EPS/AI file.

High quality

A Z-CARD® Map is a high-resolution vectorised file (EPS/AI) that can be used both offline and online.

Attractive rate

The costs for a Z-CARD® Map are low and include adding Points of Interest and routes.

Free of rights

A Z-CARD® Map is free of rights and licenses and all yours once bought.