For those looking for that little bit extra

Would you like to add seasonal information to your Z-CARD®? Then choose a slit (cut) in one of the covers. This offers the possibility of, for example, a map with junctions, a voucher or a small, folded leaflet with seasonal information.

The covers of a Z-CARD® can be produced as a cardholder. This is the perfect all-in-one solution for adding, for example, a hotel room key, a loyalty card or a business card.

The covers of a Z-CARD® can also be changed to a bookcover. This way, you create the familiar feel of a book in a small format. The bookcover can be combined with any type of interior we have.

Make an even bigger impact with a customised cover. The covers of a Z-CARD® can be die-cut in the shape of your choice. Please contact a member of our Sales Team for more information about the possibilities.

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Compact, simple and sustainable

Your message reaches your target audience in a unique way

Stopping power

Z-CARD®s have unmatched stopping power. Once in your hands, your target group uses, reuses and saves their Z-CARD®. The perfect print concept to attract attention!


Each Z-CARD® is produced sustainably and energy-efficiently with our specially developed, patented machines (EP2925530B1). This on FSC/PEFC certified paper from sustainably managed forests.

High quality

Z-CARD®s are of high quality and
produced with great care to match your brand
image at all times.

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    Z-CARD® has now been around for over 25 years, and within that time it has grown from a niche print marketing agency to an international marketing agency with 67 offices in 49 countries. Our Sales Teams know everything there is to know about PocketMedia®!


    Working with Z-CARD® means working with experienced PocketMedia® specialists. Our Sales Teams make every effort to think along with you and find the best solution for your project. No question is too crazy for us!


    We always strive to offer the very best service. This from A to Z, from thinking along with you about your project to sending you a quotation, and from checking your print files to prompt and correct delivery.

    Z-CARD® works with small and large companies,
    well-known and unknown brands