Different ways to enhance a Z-CARD®

The possibilities to upgrade a Z-CARD® are endless and the more it’s customised to your needs, the bigger the chance of success

Let your brand shine


Discover communication at its best and reach your target group in a unique way by combining your Z-CARD® with the special effect of coldfoil. Coldfoil will give a metallic effect to designated areas on – in our case – the covers of a
Z-CARD®. And the good thing is .. It’s sustainable! Paper and cardboard with coldfoil is 100% recyclable in the normal way. The recycled fibers can be used to produce new paper.

First impressions count

Counter displays

Our counter displays are the perfect solution for showcasing your Z-CARD®s once delivered. There are three options to choose from: our Z-CARD® branded tray with top card, the popular cardboard display or the sustainable plexi display. All three options can be personalised to your branding and are available in different sizes. If needed, we deliver the counter displays filled, which not only saves you time, but is also more cost-effective.

Add replaceable information


Our Credit-sized Z-CARD® covers can be customised to a cardholder. This makes it the perfect tool to add a hotel room key, a loyalty card or a business card. Our other Z-CARD® sizes can be enhanced with a slit, which is ideal for holding product samples, vouchers or additional folded leaflets. Both are great ways to add replaceable information to your Z-CARD®, making sure it can be used over a wider period of time if needed.

Power up your message

Cover extra’s

It’s time to make an impact! Guarantee further engagement with your target audience by creating bespoke covers. Either go for a standard shape as a square or circle or go bold and change the Z-CARD® covers into your product to enhance brand synergy. From special shapes in different sizes to Spot UV, cold foil and mirror foil; all printing techniques can be applied!

Receive more response

Insert extra’s

The insert of a Z-CARD® can be customised in a number of ways to ensure maximum impact and more response on your campaign. Besides offering different types of paper and finishes, a Z-CARD® insert can include tear-off panels for vouchers or response slips. You can even make them weatherproof! Have something else in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss the different possibilities.

To top it off

Finishing options

Create the ultimate brand experience by adding a special finish to the Z-CARD®. Either go for a luxurious look with gold foil or add popping fluorescent inks for extra attention; there are numerous ways to top if off. Embossing, metallic inks, scent release …

Easy to include

Bottle hangs

Looking for an on-product distribution method? Look no further! Our bottle hangs are ideal for in-store product promotions and can easily be customised into a format and size that fits your needs and requirements. They are a great way to display your brand and receive maximum exposure through attraction.

Ideal for clothing

Hang tags

Adding a hang tag or drillhole to a Z-CARD®, makes it possible to either attach the Z-CARD® to a product or add a (small) product to the Z-CARD®. They can be the finishing touch of your product design and allow you to add commercial, critical or creative information in a new way. It will help your product stand out and identify your branding to it for customers.

Keep it close


There are two ways to add a lanyard to a Z-CARD®: either add a drillhole to the covers or include a small (plastic) wallet that will hold it. Both are great solutions for event communication, whether it’s a tradeshow, sports event or tourist destination. Your Z-CARD® will be secure and in sight at all times. By adding a map or timetable, it will become the best friend of your target audience, keeping it close everywhere they go.

Reach more people

Direct mailing

A Z-CARD® is the perfect tool to include in a direct mailing. Whether you turn the Z-CARD® into a direct mailing or include it on top of a self-mailer as an eye-catcher; it will surely help you stand out from the competition. Measure the response by adding a unique QR code or barcode to each Z-CARD® and let the product proof itself.

Cannot be missed


Planning a magazine advert? Make sure it stands out with a tipped-on Z-CARD®! The “bobble-effect” cannot be missed by your target audience. A Z-CARD® can be glued on top of the cover of a magazine, on an advert on the inside or sealed together with a magazine in a flowwrap.