Z-CARD® – We care about more than just your business

We are proud of the fact that every Z-CARD® is truly carbon (CO2) neutral.

Ecology is a high priority in all our agendas. We not only invest in the cleanest technologies available today, but we also have a team within the company that is permanently engaged in sustainability management. We do everything within our power to retain our position as a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our partnership with NatureOffice allows us to make every Z-CARD® truly carbon (CO2) neutral. Because of all our efforts on sustainability level, our ecological footprint is that low that the little CO2 that Z-CARD® still produces can be neutralised by sponsoring climate protection projects.

What have we done so far?

At our production site we invested in 25,000 m2 of solar panels.

This prevents the emission of 1,020,000 Kgs CO² every year.

Every Z-CARD® is produced sustainably and energy-efficiently with our specially developed, patented machines (EP2925530B1).

It is produced on FSC/PEFC certified paper from sustainably managed forests.

Only 100% biodegradable vegetable inks are used for printing.

All waste materials resulting from production are fully recycled.

The environment-related aspects are strictly controlled by ISO 14001.

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