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1. What is the purpose of your Z-CARD®?

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Before our Graphic Designers start with the design of a Z-CARD®, they ask themselves a few questions. First of all: what is the purpose of the Z-CARD®? Is there a problem to solve? Are there marketing goals to be fulfilled?

By doing so, our team can think along about the best possible solution for your marketing activities. Together we will create a Z-CARD® that serves exactly the right purpose for your brand and receivers (target audience).

As a next step, our Graphic Designers will dive into your brand and embrace your style (Brand Identity) as much as possible. This way, they will be able to create a Z-CARD® that will fit all of your other marketing products and that sends the right message to your target group.

By filling in this form, you help them out just a little more and it will be much appreciated.

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